About Gi&Di

GI & DI srl was born in Modena in 1984. The founding members were Mr. Rodolfo Giovenzana, coach of series a1 female volleyball player of the glorious Panini pluriscudettata, Mauro di Bernardo, the Sig.Giuseppe Minin and his wife Iole Furoni.

A year after its creation, the family finds completely Minin and develops the company's core business.
Creation of the first line of technical sportswear designed specifically for volleyball, but realized in the sizes and colors of the clubs that require it.

All material is studied and confenziato entirely in Italy, with anallerigici and natural materials.

Currently, the company has also entered in the corporate sons Matthew and Marcello, who continue the work initiated by the parents with the same philosophy and care modernizing the production but also with highly technical fibers such as Coolmax and stretch polyester dry fit, in as the needs of the market are much desired by the 80s.
The ongoing need to create products that meet the growing needs of practitioners has led us to develop products with a modeling suits women's teams.

So since 1984, we offer a 100% made in Italy, made entirely on the request of its customers.
Currently the product is distributed in the Netherlands and Germany.


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