Natural Fibers


Modal is a fiber of natural origin, is made from cellulose and more precisely from beech wood! And 'more soft and breathable, the colors are solid to washing and drying is faster!

Modal is a man-made fiber of natural origin produced starting from the pulp of trees is therefore a regenerated cellulose fiber.
Fabrics made from Modal do not wear themselves out and are not subject to the typical "pilling" of fabrics made of cotton. In comparison with the latter, they have the best quality in terms of shrinkage and color fastness.

The fabrics containing Modal are smooth, soft and breathable, and especially for this suitable for all seasons (keep warm in the cold and leave you cool during the warm seasons).

Modal is a registered trademark of Lenzing AG, an Austrian multinational attentive to ecological and sustainable products, specializing in the production of textiles and, in particular, fiber produced from cellulose.



Its fibers are extracted from the lint, which in the form of flake, covers the seeds of the plant Gossypium, of various species.
The properties of the cotton, although it may more or less vary in intensity depending on the quality, can generally be summarized as: 

  • Comfortable, its fabric does not irritate the skin;
  • High degree of moisture absorption (hygroscopic);
  • High degree of run: it helps maintain body heat;
  • Breathability, promotes evaporation and dispersion of moisture absorbed;
  • Toughness is more resistant than wool to break when subjected to tension, but less resistant compared to jute and hemp, and even less when compared to silk;
  • It increases its strength when wet;
  • High resistance to ironing and boiling (up to 100 °);
  • High resistance to washing and bleach;
  • Good dyeability; 


  • Poor resistance to acids;
  • High degree of restringibilità, sgualcibilità, low elasticity;
  • Fades and you ruined when exposed to sunlight for a long time;
  • It can encourage the nesting of mold and bacteria.


Synthetic Fibers


How it works: 

  • COOLMAX® fabric pulls moisture away from your skin.
  • COOLMAX® fabric absorbs and spreads moisture out across fabric to enhance evaporative drying rate.
  • Air moves in to keep your body cool and dry.

Breathability - The performance of COOLMAX® fabric is inherent in the structure itself.  The specially engineered fibers allow fabric designers to create high-performance fabrics that are soft, breathable, and moisture wicking.

Easy care - Garments made with COOLMAX® fabric are machine washable and dryable.  However, fabric softener and chlorine bleach should not be used.  Some garments may require special care because of the style, not the fabric.  It is best to read the care label inside the garment. 

Year-round comfort - In cold weather, COOLMAX® fabric is a great first layer, especially during high aerobic activities.  It keeps chill-inducing perspiration away from your skin and moves it to the outer layers for evaporation.  You stay warm when your body is dry.


Term for yarns with a diameter of a few microns obtained from polyamides or polyesters . They are soft , water-repellent lightweight , does not retain moisture and allow the transpiration . The Alcantara , the tactel and the batteries are microfibre.La microfiber is a fabric with many features:
  • Washable
  • Waterproof
  • Dirt resistant
  • Weatherproof
Its suede effect makes it smooth and soft. The extreme lightness of the fiber makes the microfibre fabrics soft and fluffy to the touch.


The spandex (or elastane) is a synthetic fiber mixed produced synthetically and contains at least 85% of polyurethane used for much more elastic tissues. Properties and care:

  • Very durable
  • Very extensible and elastic
  • Soft and supple
  • Very sensitive to heat
  • It can be stretched up to 500% without breaking
  • It can undergo multiple rounds of elongation and recover its original length
  • And 'light
  • Resists abrasion
  • And 'soft, smooth and flexible
  • Resistant to body oils, perspiration, lotions, detergents
  • It has no problems with static electricity


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